Give your loved one a gift that lasts forever!


Time is precious and moving fast. We'd love to sit with our aging loved ones and record their stories somehow.

That's why Tell Your Story was created.           

Founder Louanne Midgley is an adept interviewer with excellent listening skills. She makes her clients feel at ease and comfortable and is able to draw out the stories that are important to your family: childhood stories, war stories, work stories, birth stories, faith stories, love stories or a complete life story.

You will cherish the voice recording of your parents or grandparents. Imagine hearing the unique intonation of their voice, their accent, the way they laugh and even how they tell a's all there to enjoy.


And what a legacy gift for the whole family and future generations to come.

Browse the site, listen to sample interviews and consider how important recorded stories are for your family. My family is thrilled we have our mother's life story recorded. We made sure we did this as sadly, we don't have our father's. Don't wait.