More and more families are wanting their parents' stories recorded. Perhaps it’s the grown children who want to get together and give this experience to their parents as a birthday gift, anniversary gift or a Mother's or Father’s day gift. If you are interested in a giving your loved one a unique gift, give them a Tell Your Story Gift Certificate.

To create a memoir, each interview is transcribed. One of the interviews is a picture walk. In this interview, pictures are looked at and discussed. This recorded conversation gives life and colour to picture captions. When all the interviews are finished and transcribed and the pictures are finalized, then the manuscript is developed. After the manuscript is approved, Louanne designs your book. Here's the really neat part. Louanne can convert your memoir to an ebook with audio clips throughout, taken from the interviews. Now that's leading edge!

If you are not sure about the memoir at this point in time, start with the interviews. If you choose down the road to do a memoir, Tell Your Story is here to help.



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