“Louanne's life story service and our end product of the life interviews for my grandma were amazing! My grandma turned 90 earlier this year and always has such fun stories that she shares with us. When I saw that Louanne had promoted her business I thought immediately "that is the perfect gift" and my family agreed. My grandma is super shy and was nervous about being interviewed and recorded but Louanne made the process so comfortable for her. It was like she was sitting with one of her grandchildren and that helped to relax her and get her into the storytelling mode just like she does with us. We ended up with a beautiful account of her life history from the time she was born and could remember to now and we love listening to it! We learned a lot more about her through the small details that Louanne was able to draw out. What is really cool is it's in her voice and we will have that and her stories to pass on to future generations which is so special. Grandma also thinks it's pretty awesome! I highly recommend Louanne and her life story service. If you haven't done it yet you've got to consider what you will be missing if you don't!”
Cheryl, Vancouver
“Louanne provides a very meaningful service for people who want to tell their life story. I bought this service as a gift for my mother for her birthday and it's been a wonderful experience for her. I believe telling your life story is both therapeutic for oneself and rewarding for future generations. Louanne has a natural talent for listening and writing a life story. My mother really enjoyed the entire experience and I would highly recommend Louanne's unique authoring service to anyone who wishes to put their life story on paper.”
John, Vancouver
“Thank you Louanne for helping me to tell my life story. You made it so easy and comfortable. It is very interesting to take a walk down memory lane. If anyone is thinking of doing this, just go for it! Leave something positive for future generations.”
Sue, West Vancouver

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